2017 Pre-College Programme

2017 Pre-College Programme

Scenes of last summer

Highlights of the 2017 Pre-College Programme

In July 2017, for the first time, Sciences Po opened its doors to high school students from around the world!

Here are some of the highlights from the first edition of the Pre-College Programme:

Discovering university life

Students devoted two weeks in July to the intensive study of social sciences, with additional workshops in French language or university methodology. They delved into Sciences Po’s core subjects, such as international relations, political science and social sciences, were introduced to higher education methodology, and challenged to meet university standards during their final group presentations. They also had the chance to study on Sciences Po’s exceptional historical campus in Reims and to visit the flagship Paris campus. 

Meeting international students

With participants coming from many different countries, the Pre-College Programme is truly an international experience. Reflecting the multiculturalism of the entire Sciences Po community, the 2017 student cohort represented 24 different nationalities and 25 countries of studies - from France, China and the USA to Italy, Mexico, Ivory Coast, India or Jordan.

Attending Master Classes

Students attended four conferences led by top-notch Sciences Po professors and researchers, to discuss current issues such as European Integration, migrations, peace-building and sustainable development. Learn more about the 2017 Master Classes.

Exploring France

While the academic programme was intense, the Pre-College Programme made time for extracurricular activities.  Weekdays were spent in the city of Reims, where students visited the beautiful Pommery Champagne cellars, the renowned Reims Cathedral and participated in Bastille Day's concerts and musical fireworks. During weekends in Paris, the group went on excursions to the Versailles castle, participated in a scavenger hunt in Montmartre, walked around historical neighbourhoods or observed Paris from a great vantage point during a cruise on the river Seine.

Read what 2017 Pre-College alumni have to say on their experience:

Isabelle, 17 years old, USA

"To be able to interact with a diverse body of individuals has been one of the biggest highlights of my experience at Sciences Po. It is rare to be surrounded by so much culture, energy, and passion in one environment."

Marc, 16 years old, Spain

"I gained friends, knowledge and many, many memories. I gained a whole experience that, frankly, can’t compare to anything that I had had before. I had never experienced to this extent contact with a totally different educational system, with people from so many nationalities or with daily life in a different country." 

Luisa, 15 years old, India

"It was a truly amazing experience. I enjoyed the atmosphere and the philosophy so much, that I have no difficulty whatsoever imagining myself there in the future. The course was extremely interesting and interactive, especially the Master Classes. I was very impressed by the classes and also by how Sciences Po managed to bring together such a diverse and fun group of people."

Ana Sofia, 17 years old, USA

"My French language class was extremely useful to an international student unfamiliar with the French system. The teacher was amazing, super interesting, and knew how to keep us interested. Thumbs up!"

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