2017 Dates Announced

2017 Dates Announced

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Announcing the dates of the 2017 Summer School

Dates of the 2017 University Programme

The 2017 University Programme will feature two separate sessions.  Prospective students may apply to one or both sessions.  The dates are as follows:

June 2017 session

  • Orientation: June 3
  • Classes: June 5-28
  • Exams: June 29-30
  • Certification Party: June 30

Download the schedule for the June 2017 session (PDF, 119 Ko).

July 2017 session

  • Orientation: July 1
  • Classes: July 3-26
  • French National Holiday (no class): July 14
  • Exams: July 27-28
  • Certification Party: July 28

Download the schedule for the July 2017 session (PDF, 119 Ko).

Each session will feature both the French language track and the social sciences track.  Students may only take one track per session, but students who stay for two sessions have the option of staying in one track for both months or switching for the second session.

Dates for the 2017 Pre-College Programme

The two-week Pre-College Programme will be held in July. 

  • Arrival in Paris: July 9
  • Beginning of classes in Reims: July 10
  • End of classes in Reims: July 20
  • Departure from Paris: July 23

The application for all the 2017 Summer School programmes will open in January 2017.  Sign up for the Summer School newsletter to get the latest information about 2017 classes and more as soon as it becomes available.

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