2016 Dates Announced

2016 Dates Announced

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Announcing the dates of the 2016 Summer School

The 2016 Summer School will feature two separate sessions.  Prospective students will be able to apply to one or both of these sessions.  The dates of the sessions are listed below.

June 2016 session

  • Orientation: 3 June
  • Class days: 6-28 June
  • Exam days: 29-30 June
  • Certification party: 30 June

July 2016 session

  • Orientation: 1 July
  • Class days: 4-27 July
  • Holiday (no classes): 14-15 July
  • Exam days: 28-29 July
  • Certification party: 29 July

Each session will feature both the social sciences track and the French language track. Students may only take one track per session. Those who wish to take part in both sessions have the option either to remain in the same track or to change tracks for the second session.

The application for the 2016 Summer School is now open!

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