10 Reasons to Choose the Summer School

10 Reasons to Choose the Summer School

  • 10 Reasons to Choose the Summer School10 Reasons to Choose the Summer School

1 - Study key contemporary issues at one of France’s top universities.

Students in the Summer School’s social sciences track delve into the core disciplines of Sciences Po, a world-renowned institution in the social sciences.  Courses on topics such as sustainable development, migration, development economics, or gender equality offer students the tools to better understand the contemporary world.  With courses taught in English or French, the Summer School offers students a unique opportunity to acquire an international perspective on current affairs from one of Europe’s top universities.

2 - An intensive French language-learning experience inside and outside the classroom.

The French language track offers an intensive programme of language classes adapted to all levels, from complete beginners to advanced speakers.  Thanks to language courses that draw on current issues in France and Europe, students benefit from Sciences Po’s expertise in the social sciences.   Outside of the classroom, living in Paris offers an incomparable immersion experience in French language and culture as part of students’ daily lives.

3 - Study with students from all over the world.

With students representing more than 50 nationalities, hailing from some of the top universities worldwide, the Summer School is truly an international experience.  In this multicultural environment, students will have the opportunity to interact with and learn from classmates from a diverse range of cultural backgrounds, both inside and outside the classroom.

4 - A campus in the heart of Paris.

Sciences Po’s campus is located in the heart of Paris’ historic Saint-Germain-des-Prés neighborhood. Our central buildings are located within walking distance from some of the capital’s most famous landmarks: Musée d’Orsay, Luxembourg Gardens, Notre Dame and the Seine River – to name a few!  The Summer School takes full advantage of its location by using the city as a classroom, incorporating visits to Parisian neighbourhoods and historic sites into the curriculum.  After class is out, students are perfectly placed to spend the rest of their day exploring Paris!

5 - Take courses with top Sciences Po professors.

Summer School courses are taught by Sciences Po professors and researchers who are experts in their respective fields.  Our faculty members are actively engaged in academic research and publish regularly in the leading French and international academic journals, as well as serving as consultants for governments and international organisations.

6 - Discover a new subject or delve deeper into your passion.

The Summer School is open to students and graduates from a variety of academic and professional backgrounds.  The social sciences track allows students to discover a new subject outside of their regular field of studies, or to delve deeper into a topic of interest.  The French language track is a perfect opportunity for students to learn a new language or to perfect their French outside of their normal curriculum or activities.  Additionally, all Summer School courses are eligible for academic credit from Sciences Po.

7 - Customise your summer: study what you want, when you want.

The Summer School holds two separate sessions in June and July, during which both academic tracks are proposed.  Students may choose to attend one session or both, and if they stay for two months they may choose to stay in the same track or switch!  Depending on their academic or personal goals and interests, students can choose to add on academic options, such as French history or language classes, in addition to their core class.

8 - Meet with leading political and cultural figures.

Sciences Po is a place of debate where major figures in politics, economics, the arts and media come to exchange with students.  During the Summer 2015, the Summer School welcomed Enrico Letta, the former Prime Minister of Italy, and Bruno Latour, an international expert on the study of science and technology.

9 - An exciting programme of cultural and recreational activities.

The Summer School proposes a wide variety of cultural visits and other activities to give students the opportunity to discover the city of Paris, as well as French history and culture.  Additionally, the Summer School organises social events and outings that allow students to get to know each other outside of the classroom. From picnics, to athletics, to cultural trips, these optional activities allow students to meet one another and share common interests after class and on weekends.

10 - Have an unforgettable summer!

Year after year, our Summer School students tell us that the time they spent at Sciences Po was truly remarkable. Indeed, with its mix of students from around the world, occasions to engage with current issues in a rigorous academic setting and its Parisian setting, the Summer School is a unique opportunity to enjoy the dual pleasures of learning and discovery.

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