Register for a language course

Prior to course registration

Please ensure you have checked the language requirements of your academic programme. These can be found on the webpages dedicated to your programme on the Sciences Po website.

Check that your language choices and levels have been updated on your student account. If the information does not comply with the requirements, you will not be able to choose your desired courses on the online registration date.

During course registration

As with all disciplines, course registration for the language department only takes place online and on the dates specified. If a student is not registered online, he or she will not be able to register for their desired language course.

Before finalising your language course selection, please ensure that no other activity at Sciences Po or personal impediment will subsequently result in a scheduling clash with the language course you have selected.

Due to the often limited number of available places we recommend you register as soon as possible. The number of students permitted in a classroom cannot be exceeded.

After course registration

Please make sure that your course registration has been validated on your timetable before signing out of your student account.

Please note: students' requests concerning a change of class or the cancellation of a registration, received after the first two weeks of the semester, will not be considered.

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