Whaller: The newest feature of our digital campus

Whaller: The newest feature of our digital campus

Sciences Po is enriching the features of its digital campus with the help of the social network Whaller.
  • Create your spheres on Whaller! ©Sandrine Gaudin / ShutterstockCreate your spheres on Whaller! ©Sandrine Gaudin / Shutterstock

What is Whaller?

Whaller is a watertight social network that respects your personal data. It was created in France in February 2014 by the entrepreneur Thomas Fauré.


Whaller invites its members to create their own sealed networks, known as “spheres”, and to organise them as they would in “real life”: networks between students of the same course, the same class, the same student association, and so on. Each of these spheres remains separate from the others: watertight and secure for private conversations. For example, with Whaller, students can interact easily with their teachers or with other students in their classes.

Respects your data

A social network that respects your privacy: that’s the Whaller concept. Social networks have taken over our daily lives, meanwhile our ersatz new virtual companions are happily harvesting our personal data. With Whaller there’s zero data exploitation, zero marketing, zero public domain and no information flow. Whaller’s guiding principle is "algorithmic neutrality”. In other words, the platform will never manipulate its results on the basis of user data. That eliminates the issue of viral posts – all the more so since the network is, by definition, sealed.

Create your spheres today on Whaller! (FR)

For more information about Whaller and how to use the platform, consult the tutorials:

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