Training and material support for student associations

Training for student association members

As part of the assistance offered by Sciences Po to student associations, specific training is provided for association leaders. Recognition of student associations is dependent on the principal members following a common core of training comprising three modules.

These classes are tailored to be time-saving, highly practical and useful for associative activities at Sciences Po.

Common core modules (taught in French)

Optional modules (taught in French)

Seminar: creating and managing associations

This optional course, open to the whole of the student community, offers the necessary tools to devise and develop an associative project, whether it be at Sciences Po or elsewhere.

The course is available each semester over 8 weeks, and enables participants to acquire the skills required in order to take part in non-profit-making organisations in the context of their professional careers or personal lives.

The teaching team is made up of professionals involved in the philanthropic and civil society sector.

Consult this course on Moodle.

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