China Scholarship Council (CSC)

Created by Sciences Po and the China Scholarship Council (CSC) in 2015, the Boutmy-CSC joint scholarship aims to form some of the best Chinese students with a solid academic base and rich professional experience. To achieve this goal, the scholarship requires a one year-long gap year in the middle of the two years of studies, which add up to a three- year programme in total.

Eligibility requirements

Applicants with Chinese nationality (Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao not included)should be permanent residents in mainland China before and at the time of their application. The candidate must be a successfully accepted to a Sciences Po master’s programme.

Students who are not eligible are:

  • Dual-degree candidates
  • Ph.D. program students (thesis)
  • Research Masters programme applicants
  • 1 year Masters programme applicants
  • Exchange students
  • Students already enrolled in a master program

Candidates can not cumulate their applications for this joint scholarship with the Boutmy Simple Scholarship.

This scholarship may not be combined with any other scholarship (Eiffel scholarship, etc)


The scholarship is not automatically awarded.  Students must request this scholarship in the section designated for the purpose on the application form.

  • Step 1: Students must indicate that they are applying for the Emile Boutmy scholarship in their Sciences Po application before 15th December 2019.
  • Step 2 : Send an e mail to Sciences Po’s delegation office in China ( before 15th December 2019 to indicate that you are aware of the admission condition to this scholarship and you decide to accept the conditions.
  • Step 3: If Sciences Po’s admissions department inform you that you have been pre-selected for the Boutmy scholarship, you should then apply and submit the necessary documents on the CSC website before April 5th 2020 (check the deadline on their website). For more information about applying for CSC, please consult:
  • Step 4: Pre-selected students are invited to the Sciences Po-CSC joint interview in China.

This scholarship is awarded based on the basis of excellence and according to the type of profile sought for this program. Social criteria are also taken into account.

Amount and scholarship duration

Duration: 3 years

The scholarship includes:

  • Partial tuition fee waiver of 5000 euros per year (10 000 euros for two years of study) ;
  • Remaining tuition fees covered by CSC  (first and third year of study);
  • CSC covers tuition fees during the gap year (second year of study);
  • CSC covers cost of living fees during the two years of study at Sciences Po, including insurance;
  • CSC covers round trip plane tickets (Chine-France);
  • The visa application fee is paid by CSC

Students must validate their year of studies in order to continue receiving the scholarship.

Students who defer their admission to Sciences Po are unable to keep their scholarship for a subsequent year.

Students who do not accept the Boutmy-CSC scholarship are not able to transfer to the Sciences Po Boutmy scholarship.


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