Specific situations

The Émile Boutmy Scholarship

Excluding for specific programmes under agreements and One Year Master Programmes, students whose fiscal residence is outside the EEA will have to pay fees of €10,700 (Undergraduate) or €14,700 (Master) per year. They can apply for a partial exoneration grant on admission by asking the Emile Boutmy Scholarship (French nationals or students from an European Economic Area country may apply for a need-based CROUS grant).

Crous need-based Scholarships

Excluding specific programmes under agreements and One Year Master Programmes, students with French nationality or from a European Economic Area (EEA) country may be eligible for the Crous scholarships.

All students that meet the CROUS conditions, from level 0bis to level 7, are exempt from paying tuition fees. CROUS scholarship holders from levels 0bis to 7 will also be eligible (according to their scheme) for a 50 to 75% additional cost of living scholarship from Sciences Po.

For more information see our scholarships and financial aid webpage.

Financial aid for non-scholarship students

Students without a scholarship and whose family income is less than €12,583 per part and whose tuition fees will amount to 0 € for the 2020-2021 academic year will receive a financial aid amounting to €400 (roughly 50% of a 0Bis Crous level additional cost of living scholarship.

This financial aid will be disbursed in one installment from September 2020 onwards and is subject to the finalisation of his or her administrative registration. The financial aid will only be disbursed for years or semesters (50%) of compulsory study at Sciences Po or compulsory internship periods.

Students with temporary or permanent disabilities

Special needs students, (upon presentation of an official disability document) are exempt from paying fees.

Sciences Po is committed to welcoming and integrating students with temporary and permanent disabilities. This commitment is based on a strong sense of responsibility as well as compliance with its legal obligations according to the Law of February, 11, 2005.

The institution offers tuition waivers for students with disabilities recognized by the CDAPH (Commission Départementale des Personnes Handicapées) or cited in article L5212-13 of the Labor Code (fr.). Foreign students with disabilities are eligible for a waiver upon presentation of a temporary attestation from the Médecine Préventive Française (fr.). To renew this tuition waiver after the first year of registration, foreign students must confirm this status by obtaining any attestation cited in Article L5212-13 of the Labor Code.

For more information, see the orientation page for disabled Sciences Po students.

Exceptional arrangements

Click here to read the exceptional arrangements.

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