Healthcare coverage: I am a foreign student (from outside the European Economic Area), what is my status for the 2019/2020 Academic year?

If you were eligible for student social security (LMDE or SMEREP) during the 2018-2019 academic year, your affiliation will be automatically transferred, in September 2019, to the general social security centre (CPAM). You will be able to set up an online account on the website so that you can check your reimbursements, manage your account and download certificates.

If you are registering as a higher education student in France for the first time, you must join the general French social security system and carry out the formalities needed at your local social security centre (Caisse primaire d’assurance maladie, CPAM). A bilingual website is available in order to do the register online. It is highly recommended that you take out insurance to cover you for the first few months in France until you are officially covered by the French system.

If last year (2018-2019) was your first registration in a higher education institution, you have already gone through the process of affiliation to the social security. Connect to your account on to consult your status and download certificates.

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