You need to choose the “recurrent payment” at step 3 of the registration. You have to fill in your bank details and then print the direct debit mandate. This document must be signed by the account holder and uploaded at step 5 of the registration.

Also, you will have to send the original to the Registrar Office (Accueil Administratif: 9 rue de la chaise, 75007 Paris).

N.B. If you have a bank account outside France and the Euro area, please, check that your bank accepts SEPA direct debit instalments in Euros. Sciences Po shall not be considered responsible for any payment rejection that may occur and shall apply bank rejection fees, if needed.

During the online registration, you need to choose the method of payment "bank transfer" and make a first payment of 25% of your tuition fees.

Your administrative registration will be examined by the administrative registration department. The person in charge of your administrative registration will confirm your tuition fees amount and how you can pay the balance in several instalments by credit card online.

You need to register and select a payment method (bank transfer or automatic direct debit). Once you have completed the registration process, divide the total amount calculated by 4 and add the additional fees (healthcare, preventive medicine plan, etc.) to determine the total amount to pay.

If your gap year spans two consecutive academic years, you should follow this procedure only for the first semester.

You need to register and select a payment method (bank transfer or automatic direct debit). Once you have completed the registration process, subtract the amount of your scholarship from the total calculated by the system, in order to know the amount that you will need to settle.

N.B.: If you are a Boutmy scholarship holder and you are taking a gap year, you will need to divide the tuition amount by 4, as well as your Boutmy grant. The remaining amount will have to be settled. Your costs of living grant is suspended.

Please send an email with your new bank details (RIB) to the Financial Team: at the latest 16 days before the due date.

A new direct debit mandate will be edited and sent to you. You will need to sign it and upload at step 5 of the registration process. ALSO, you will have to send the original to: Accueil administratif, 9 rue de la Chaise, 75007 Paris.

Your payment schedule will be communicated by the Registrar Office Team once your application is processed. Also, an automatic email will be sent at least 16 days before each instalment.

You can find all the information on the page "How to Pay your fees".

The income to be taken into account is that of the household of the parent(s) in which you are declared a dependent.

In case of the payment of an alimony paid to the parent in charge of the child, its amount must be included in the income to be taken into account in the calculation.

In the case of joint residence, the incomes of both parents must be taken into account.

For all situations not listed above, a specific study will be conducted by the Administrative Registration office who may ask you for additional documents.

In the case where the divorce or separation is in progress, the calculation will be based on the situation and income of the reference year. Nevertheless, upon presentation of the divorce decree, you can request a personalized study under the exceptional arrangements for change of situation if this decree is submitted before the end of the running academic year.

All information on the rules regarding tuition fees at Sciences Po can be found on the page "Calculating your school fees".

You can estimate your tuition fees using our online calculator.

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