Administrative registration takes place exclusively online and is compulsory for all the students, exchange students, gap year students and Double Degree students going to a Partner University included. You can register from your personal student space, with the ID number and access code that you were provided upon admission.

For more informations:

For any issue related to login or passwords for your online Student Space, contact the helpdesk.

For problems with your Sciences Po account, contact the helpdesk.

Parcoursup is a web plateform where students select different trainings they want to attend after Highschool.

  • If you are registered in the Parcoursup system, you shall renounce to your training choices and resign from your registration to Parcoursup. The confirmation of your resignation must be uploaded at step 5 of your online administrative registration.
  • If you are not registered in the Parcoursup system, a sworn statement will be available at step 5 of your online administrative registration. You have to upload, fill in and sign the statement to complete your registration.

If you do not have all the documents such as your visa, your scholarship certificate, your health insurance evidence or your diploma, please select « require additional time » at step 5 of the online registration process to submit your registration.

Your administrative student area remains accessible for you to upload the documents once you receive them. Please note that the status of your registration will remain « incomplete » until you provide all requested documents.

You will find a link on the first page of the registration process. All the needed documents are listed, according to your situation.

If you do not have one, you should leave this field blank.

At registration, you must provide an official document attesting to your successful completion of the degree based on which you were admitted to Sciences Po.

This document is sufficient, and you will not need to subsequently submit your original diploma. Please consider that random checks may be done to verify the authenticity of the uploaded documents. Any violation may lead to the disciplinary committee.

If you cannot obtain such an official document, you can request an additional time (step 5: Upload supporting documents). You will have to join an official proof of completion or a copy of the actual diploma by October 31, 2019.

Note that if you fail to obtain the degree based on which you were admitted, your admission will be revoked and you will be deregistered.

Yes. You have to register and point out that you are waiting for the grant notification from the CROUS.

Then as soon as you receive it, you need to upload the notification on your student space (step 5 of the registration process)

Yes. The 5th-year internship is part of your schooling obligation. Therefore, you have to register and pay your tuition fees and the CVEC contribution at Sciences Po.

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