A New Online Campus Starting Fall 2020

Modalities of the Fall 2020 semester
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After a successful online spring 2020 semester despite an unprecedented emergency context, the start of the 2020/2021 academic year will allow all of our students to embark on a new year at Sciences Po in a safe and serene manner. With both physical campuses and an all-new digital campus available to them, courses have been redesigned to best suit all students.

Sciences Po Student Services: Helping all our talents to succeed

Hear more about them from Sciences Po’s Director of Students and Teachers’ Support and Services, Francesca Cabiddu
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Succeeding as a student isn’t just about your studies! From accommodation and visas to health and accessibility, Sciences Po staff support students across a whole range of issues. We work hard to free our students of all unnecessary difficulties so that they can complete their studies without hassle and make the most of this unique period in their lives. Our personalised student services are available to students at every stage of their degrees and can be adapted to the full range of their circumstances and needs.


Solidarity ©Viktoria Kurpas / ShutterstockMany organisations are currently seeking volunteers to care for individuals in isolation, to maintain a sense of community throughout confinement, and to help those who are most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

Well-Being Activities

Physical activities

Well-Being Activities ©Unitone Vector / ShutterstockEven if rackets, balls and oars may be stowed away for some time, there is no reason why we should have to stop moving during confinement. Certain activities can be done without requiring much space or specific equipment.

Stay in touch

Stay in Touch ©GoodStudio / ShutterstockDuring this confinement period, we feel it is still extremely important for each and every student to maintain links with the Sciences Po community.

Support: Resources and Services here for you

If you are alone during this confinement period, let us know

Support: Resources and Services here for you ©tanyabosyk / ShutterstockIf you are spending this confinement period alone, you can notify the Student Life Services services by

Advice for coping with isolation

Advice for coping with isolation ©Nina Puankova / ShutterstockIn times of stress, it is important to pay attention to your own needs and feelings. A few simple practices can be helpful in coping with isolation: stay in touch with loved ones, establish a routine, don’t be afraid to log out...

Student Life During Confinement

Advice and resources on how to stay calm, cope, look after yourself, and keep learning under these circumstances.
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With the COVID-19 pandemic and measures of confinement in effect in France and many other countries, we are navigating an unprecedented period, one for which we have had little time to prepare ourselves. While circumstances may seem different for every one of us, and although some may appear to have less difficulty adapting than others, it is important to remember that the situation is and remains disorienting for us all.

"The Environment is at the heart of students' concerns"

Interview of Carole Meffre, coordinator of the student association Sciences Po Environnement
  • Portrait of Carole Meffre ©Judith Azéma / Sciences PoPortrait of Carole Meffre ©Judith Azéma / Sciences Po

Involved in the association Sciences Po Environnement (FR) since her first year at Sciences Po, Carole Meffre is the coordinator of the Paris campus chapter today, and a master’s student at the School of Public Affairs. She discusses the vision and the challenges of this flagship fixture of campus life which is celebrating its 12th year in 2020.

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