The Medialab

Bringing the human sciences into the heart of new media practices, exchanging and experimenting, échanger et expérimenter
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  • The Medialab conference roomThe Medialab conference room
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  • Oxford students participating in the "controversy mapping" courseOxford students participating in the "controversy mapping" course
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13, rue de l'Université - 75007 Paris


The Medialab is a digital laboratory and center for resources and expertise, as well as a site of experimentation, observation and research dedicated to the practice of social science.

It is first and foremost intended for use by the Sciences Po academic community, students included: doctoral students are actively involved in research programs and Sciences Po undergraduates participate in a wide range of pedagogical experiments.

The Medialab website provides a wealth of information about course themes, publications in the Sciences Po Medialab collection, ongoing projects, partners, resources, etc.