Cartography Workshop

More than 2,500 online maps and diagrams in multiple languages

Since its creation in 1995, the Sciences Po Cartography Workshop has contributed to pedagogical innovation at Sciences Po, actively participating in the education of students. It specializes in the following:

  • the collection and processing of data
  • the spatial representation of social phenomena, especially those related to processes of globalization
  • graphic semiotics

Its open-access online map room, created over time in cooperation with numerous scholarly partners and widely consulted by visitors from throughout France and around the world (more than 20,000 inquiries per month), contains more than 2,500 documents (maps, diagrams, and map collections), some of which are translated into English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Arabic, Russian, and Chinese.

Geographer-cartographers also assist researchers and doctoral students at Sciences Po’s research centers (principally CERI, CHSP and CEVIPOF) in the processing and representation of their data (in the fields of international relations, political science, and history). In addition, initiatives have been launched to work with secondary school teachers.

The Cartography Workshop has developed numerous partnerships, with, among others, the French public information service, the French Development Agency, UNODC, Google (Public Data Explorer), the National Museum of Immigration, and the Louvre.