13 December 2022
Guide du datajournalisme 1.0 BETA.

Is a Data Journalist Worth a Hundred?

by Sylvain Parasie, médialab It is hard – if not impossible – to discuss the role of journalism in democracy today without mentioning the Internet, social networks and algorithms. […]
12 February 2022

Order and Disorder in French Public Media

by Dominique Cardon, Jean-Philippe Cointet, Pedro Ramaciotti Morales, médialab Following an initial study conducted in 2018 in collaboration with Sciences Po’s School of Journalism and […]
12 December 2021

Conspiracy Theories and Epidemics: What Ebola Can Teach Us

By Jules Villa, médialab From 2018 to 2020, an outbreak of Ebola virus disease hit the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri in eastern Democratic […]
8 July 2021

Controversy: A User’s Manual

“Navigating through uncertainty means being able to lose yourself in complexity” Most of the challenges facing society today are the subject of controversy. Studying these […]
16 March 2021

Living in the Time of Covid-19: Can History Help Us?

In these pandemic times, it is most natural to turn to history for answers to our questions. But is this a good idea? Guillaume Lachenal […]
3 July 2020

Pollution Sensors: A Tool for Collaboration Between Citizens and Public Authorities?

By Sylvain Parasie, médialab* Some environmental activists and scientists have described the current boom in digital air pollution sensors as a “changing paradigm”(1)Snyder, E. G., […]
24 January 2020
"#FakeNews, unfortunately." by cizauskas is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 cc-icon

From fake news’ URLs to their reception IRL #InRealLife

by Manon Berriche, PhD candidate at the médialab Since the 2016 American presidential election, the public debate has been overrun by concerns about disinformation. To […]
6 July 2019

The secrets of the Hermitage

In his book “Art of Memories. Curating at the Hermitage ”, medialab sociologist Vincent-Antonin Lepinay examines the vicissitudes of the great Hermitage museum since the 1917 revolution. […]
6 May 2019
Réseaux sociaux, par Gerd Altmann,Pixabay License

What democracy is doing with digital technology

by Dominique Cardon, Director of médialab. After being touted for showing democratic promise, digital technologies are today accused of disseminating fake news and serving as […]