Sciences Po's Faculty grows : 16 professors and researchers join Sciences Po

The recruitment of researchers and professor-researchers is fundamental to the scientific development of any institution in higher education and research. Consequently, over the past few years Sciences Po has taken part in an ambitious recruitment policy set to be continued in the long term.

Over the course of the 2013-2014 academic school year, we have had the pleasure of welcoming 16 new researchers and professor-researchers to Sciences Po: Johannes Boehm, Sylvain Brouard, Julia Cagé, Renaud Crespin, Séverine Dusollier, Serge Galam, Frédéric Gros, Stéphane Guibaut, Sergei Guriev, Élise Massicard, Joan Monras, Nathalie Morel, Guillaume Plantin, Bernard Reber, Gwenaële Rot, Emmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet. 

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At Department of Economics

Johannes Boehm joined the Department of Economics as an Assistant Professor.

After he graduated from the Vienna University of Technology Mathematics and from the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) where he completed a Master in Economics, Johannes Boehm completed a Ph.D. in Macroeconomics at LSE.

Based on econometric methods, his research addresses industrial organisation, productivity, international trade and the relationship between globalization and macroeconomics.

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Julia Cagé joined the Department of Economics as an Assistant Professor.

A graduate of the École Normale Supérieure (Ulm), Julia Cagé holds a Master from the Paris School of Economics and wrote a Phd (Essays on the Political Economy of Information) in Economics at Harvard University.
Her research focuses on political economy, economic history, industrial economics and development economics, with a focus on the economy of European and African media.

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Stéphane Guibaud joined the Department of Economics as an Assistant Professor.

A graduate of the École Normale Supérieure (Ulm), Stéphane Guibaud holds a PhD in Economics from the Paris School of Economics. After a post-doctorate at Princeton University, he lectured in the Finance Department at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).
Specialized in valuation models for financial assets, his research extends to other areas such as international macroeconomics and incentive contracts theory.

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Sergei Guriev joined the Department of Economics as a Full Professor

Sergei Guriev received his Dr. Sc. (habilitation degree) in Economics and PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Russian Academy of Science.
A figure head of Russian economics, Sergei Guriev was Rector of the New Economic School in Moscow from 2004 to 2013.
Currently a Research Fellow at the Center for Economic Policy Research, Sergei Guriev is specialist in Political Economics. His research interests include contract theory, corporate governance, political economics and labour mobility.

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Joan Monras joined the Department of Economics as an Assistant professor.

A graduate of the History and Theory of International Relations programme at LSE and of Economics at the University Pompeu Fabra, Joan Monras holds a PhD from Columbia University concentrated on internal and international migration.
Using an applied microeconomics approach, his research focuses on labour economics, international trade and urban economy and economic geography.
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Guillaume Plantin joined the Department of Economics as a Full Professor

Engineer at the École Polytechnique ; a graduate of ENSAE,  Guillaume Plantin holds a PhD in Economics from the University Toulouse 1 Capitole.  After serving France as an Insurance Commissioner at the French Insurance Supervisory Authority, he was Assistant Professor of Finance at Carnegie Mellon University and the London Business School and Professor of Finance at the Toulouse School of Economics.
Nominated for the Best Young French Economist Award in 2011, he was a member of the French Council of Economic Analysis and the Institute of French Actuaries. His research focuses on financial institutions, particularly on prudential regulation, financial stability and financial innovation.

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At the Law School

Séverine Dusollier joined the Law Department   as a Full Professor

Séverine Dusollier is Doctor in Law of the University of Namur, where she became a Professor and headed the Information Research Center, Law & Society (CRIDS).
Her research examines intellectual property and copyright, with a particular focus on IP limitations, the public domain and the commons. In addition to this research, she co-founded the European Copyright Society.
Severine Dusollier was awarded the ERC Consolidator Grant (2014-2019) to further her research on inclusive rights in property and intellectual property.

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Emmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet joined the Law Department as a Full Professor

A jurist and philosopher, Emmanuelle Tourme-Jouannet became a Professor of Public Law at the Université Paris I in 2000. She is the Associate Director of IREDIES (Institute of Research in International and European Law), directing its international research program Justice and International Law in a Global World.
As an international law specialist, her research focuses on human rights, legal history and philosophy of law, conflict of laws and cross-boarder litigation

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At the Department of Political Science


Sylvain Brouard
joined the CEVIPOF as a FNSP researcher.

Sylvain Brouard holds a PhD in Political Science from the Bordeaux Institute of Political Studies and was previously a research fellow at the CEVIPOF and at the Emile Durkheim Centre from which he led numerous projects with political scientists of Sciences Po.
His research focuses on the relationships between political competition, institutions and public action in a comparative perspective. He is particularly interested in the public opinion, electoral behavior, institutions and political agendas.

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Serge Galam joined the CEVIPOF as a CNRS Research Director.

In addition to completing two PhDs in Physics (University Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris 6, Tel-Aviv University), Serge Galam was researcher and teacher in the US, and a researcher at the UMPC-Paris 6 and the École Polytechnique. He is the first physicist to join Sciences Po.
This alliance between political science and physics is in line with the work that led Serge Galam to found sociophysics. This highly innovative discipline aims to analyze political and social attitudes based on the principles of physical disorder. He briefly headed the Centre for Research in Applied Epistemology (CREA) at the Ecole Polytechnique.

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Frédéric Gros joined the Department of Political Sciences as Full Professor

A graduate of the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Frédéric Gros holds a PhD and Habilitation in Philosophy. Since 1991, he has been Professor at the University of Paris-Est.

Specialist and editor of Michel Foucault’s works, his research focuses on public violence (the meaning of the prison sentences, contemporary configurations of the war), the current forms of government and the ethical structures of political obedience.

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Élise Massicard joined the CERI as CNRS Research Fellow.

Élise Massicard holds a Phd doctorate in Political Science from Sciences Po and degrees in Turkish Studies (INALCO) and Social Sciences (Freie Universität Berlin). A Research Fellow with the CNRS since 2003, she was first affiliated with the Centre d’études administratives, politiques et sociales (CERAPS) in Lille, before joining the Turkish and Ottoman Studies team at the EHESS and becoming a CERI Associate Research Fellow in 2008. From 2010 to 2014, she led the Observatory of the Turkish Political Life (IFEA) based in Istanbul.
She works on the political sociology of Turkey, mobilizations, the politics of identity and political territoriality.

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Nathalie Morel joined the Centre d’études européennes and the LIEPP (Interdisciplinary Research Center for the Evaluation of Public Policies) as an Assistant Professor.

Holding PhD in Sociology from University Paris I, Panthéon-Sorbonne, Nathalie Morel worked as Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Institute for Futures Studies in Stockholm. Afterwards, she joined the CEE as Associate Researcher and the LIEPP where she is Co-Director of the "Socio-fiscal Policies" Research Group.
Her research interests are in comparative social policy and labour markets, with a special interest in care policies, gender, social investment policies, domestic services, socio-fiscal policies / fiscal welfare, the financing of the welfare state, and the Swedish welfare state.

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Bernard Reber joined the CEVIPOF as a CNRS Research Director

Holding a PhD in Political Science (EHESS) and a Habilitation in Philosophy (Paris IV), Bernard Reber is also a graduate of theology, economics and journalism. In 2000, he joined and eventually co-directed the CNRS Research Centre "Meaning, Ethics, Society." His research, combining political science and philosophy, addresses societal issues such as governance for responsible innovation and research, pluralism, analysis of norms and values, interdisciplinary debates of democratic theories, digital humanities and new cognitive technologies, environmental ethics and emerging technologies, social ecology and the precautionary principle.

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At the Department of Sociology


Renaud Crespin joined the Center for the Sociology of Organizations (CSO) as a CNRS Research Fellow.

Holding a PhD in Political Science from Paris I-Panthéon-Sorbonne, Renaud Crespin conducts his work by articulating the sociology of public action, the sociology of science and technology and the sociology of work.
His research questions the process of rationalization of public action in the fields of health and environment. He focuses particularly on risk management tools and their uses, on prevention policies and the role of technical and scientific expertise.

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Gwenaële Rot joined the Center for the Sociology of Organizations (CSO) as Full Professor

PhD in Sociology (Sciences Po) and Habilitation in Sociology (EHESS). Gwenaële Rot has previously held the position of Senior Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense.  Gwenaële Rot’s interests lie in the sociology of work, firms, and organizations. Her work focuses on concrete production forms and how the rationalization of economic activities has affected labour and its modalities. She also studies the history of the sociology of work. 

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