Unit lines of research

The lines of research shaping each unit’s identity guide the type of research conducted in a given unit and allow researchers to discuss their projects in order to make progress together.  

CDSP | CEE | CERI | CHSP | CSO | CEVIPOF | Department of economics | Law School | OSC | OFCE

Also see the crosscutting programmes’ lines of research

Centre for socio-political data - CDSP

The CDSP is a resource centre that structures its work around four types of activities:

  • Conducting surveys
  • Creating databases
  • Developing interactive tools
  • Training in social science methods

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Centre for European Studies and Comparative Politics - CEE

The multidisciplinary and comparative research conducted at the CEE seeks to explore four major themes shaping the development of our European societies:

  • The transformation of capitalism
  • Representative democracy under pressure
  • Cities, borders and (im)mobility
  • State and policy State

Centre for international studies and research - CERI

While CERI’s main strength remains the individual contributions of its researchers, the laboratory has initiated crosscutting work on themes that appear in several fields and coalesce around five areas:

  • Security and risks
  • International space
  • Capitalisms and globalization
  • Political trajectories
  • Identities and policy

Research groups are devoted to exploring the various aspects of each of these areas.

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Centre for history at Sciences Po - CHSP

The CHSP’s work – seminars and research projects – currently revolves around four themes:

  • States, institutions and societies
  • Wars, conflicts and violence: norms and transgressions, 19th – 20th centuries
  • Art, knowledge and cultures
  • From local to global: international history and its levels

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Centre for the sociology of organizations - CSO

Research conducted at the CSO aims to produce empirical knowledge on the functioning of organizations, market exchanges and public action in contemporary societies.  The research conducted to these ends is organized around five crosscutting themes that primarily seek to contribute to thinking on theoretical problems:

Centre for political research at Sciences Po - CEVIPOF

CEVIPOF is developing its research activities in two major areas:

  • Attitudes, behaviours and political forces
  • Thought and the history of political ideas

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Department of economics

The Department’s work is varied and while it is not structured around areas defined a priori, it shares several themes such as the labour market, monetary policy, international trade, etc.   

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Law School

The research and interests of Law School members fall under three main themes that are closely related to its teaching programmes:

  • Legal cultures
  • Globalization
  • Economics of law

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The Center for Studies in Social Change - OSC

The OSC studies the overall dynamic of contemporary societies in four lines of research: 


OFCE researchers primarily focus on nine major areas:

  • European governance
  • Social dynamics and the evaluation of public policies
  • Forecasts
  • Gender equality, see the PRESAGE programme
  • Innovations, competition and growth
  • The green economy and sustainability
  • Emerging worlds, trade relations and globalization
  • Banks and finance
  • Beyond the GDP

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