Over the past few years, Sciences Po has established chairs that meet four major objectives:

  • Make a meaningful contribution to the creation and dissemination of a body of doctrines on subjects that are still difficult to grasp or define, either because they are new or because they have recently evolved in ways that have upended traditional references.
  • Create a forum of reflection on major contemporary issues where all players, be they private or public, can freely meet and discuss.
  • Enrich initial and continuous training on this new thinking and thereby train professionals who will be able to meet the challenges that are likely to arise.
  • Promote Sciences Po’s openness to businesses.

Sciences Po currently has two chairs:

The Chair in Health

The chair’s objective is to promote a crosscutting and multidisciplinary approach to health issues in a broad sense: public health, the organization of health systems, health insurance and medical-social sector developments, etc.

Visit the web site (in French)

The Chair in Transformations in Public Action and Public Law

As a part of the Law School, the chair aims to support thinking on modern forms of public action, to participate in European and international debates on the evolution of public action and its law, and to contribute to national thinking on legal instruments and state modernization.  

Visit the web site (in French)

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