Pourquoi choisir le master affaires européennes ?

Pourquoi choisir le master affaires européennes ?

Lorenzo Minio Paluello, étudiant en M2 nous présente son expérience au sein du Master affaires européennes (MAE).

Lorenzo Minio Paluello (témoignage en anglais)

“My name is Lorenzo Minio Paluello and I am a franco-italian student in the Master of European Affairs at Sciences Po Paris.

I did my high school in the French high school Chateaubriand in Roma, and I studied at the college universitaire of sciences Po Paris before going on in the Master of European affairs.

During my first year of Master, I got the chance to meet people from countries all around Europe, and I got the opportunity to understand how institutions work, from an economical but also political and judicial point of view.

Deepening my knowledge and understanding of the European Union led me to the wish to change the negative aspects of Brussels bureaucracy, to contribute to the efficiency of the common European policy. For all those reasons, I am highly satisfied with my way at Science Po and I look forward to seeing where it will lead me to.”

Plus d'informations sur le cursus général du master affaires européennes.

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