China and ASEAN

China and ASEAN

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Organized by: Master affaires européennes, Dual Degree Europe and Asia in Global Affairs, Sciences Po - Fudan University

Date: 14th April 2016, from 5.00 to 6.30 pm
Venue: Sciences Po, Room C923, 9 rue de la Chaise - 75007 Paris
Free entrance according to available places


The rise of China is the most important development in East Asia of recent times. It presents a major challenge for ASEAN as a collective entity, and for the individual countries that compose it. China’s rise presents both opportunities as well as challenges - if not threats. Whether ASEAN can develop a collective, much less an effective, response is far from clear. This presentation explains the forces that are likely to determine the outcome.


Mark Beeson is Professor of International Politics at the University of Western Australia. Before joining UWA, he taught at Murdoch, Griffith, Queensland, York (UK) and Birmingham, where he was also head of department. He is the co-editor of Contemporary Politics, and the founding editor of Critical Studies of the Asia Pacific.

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