Democratic Innovation

Jump-start democracy by encouraging citizens' participation

Launched at Sciences Po Paris in September 2016, the Democratic Innovation project aims to develop initiatives, both online and off, that contribute to reactivating the dialogue between civil society, expert communities and decision-makers, in order to have the broadest possible citizen participation in public decision-making processes.

The project aims to build an open environment to promote democracy across the continuum linking academics, students, citizens and political actors.

Example: #Inventons2017 Project

With an eye on the presidential election in 2017, 25 first and second-year master’s students from the School of Public Affairs are participating in a novel program around new forms of participatory democracy.

They are working on collaborative platforms to identify the main concerns of citizens under the age of 30, and to transform those concerns into very concrete reform proposals with the goal of influencing the political debate through citizen debate (crowd lobbying).

The project consists of three phases:

  1. October-December 2016: gathering citizen concerns through the collaborative platform (around 10,000 online submissions)
  2. January 2017 – March 2017: selection of themes and formulation of a reform for each of them, in collaboration with universities, actors in the field and civil society (through a digital platform and offline activities),
  3. 25 March 2017: event with presidential candidates

Depending on the level of commitment of the students, it is offered as an optional course (4 credits ECTS) or as a full-time project for second-year master’s students (30 Credits ECTS). Participation in this project takes the place of a final internship.

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