Social and Urban Innovation in Paris: Discover our Summer School The Biopolis

Social and Urban Innovation in Paris: Discover our Summer School The Biopolis

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For the 3rd year in a row, Harvard, CRI and the Sciences Po School of Public Affairs will bring together 50 students to participate in the Summer School "The Biopolis", with the goal of rethinking social and urban innovation in the city of Paris. For 2 months (June and July), 12 international and inter-university groups will imagine the city of tomorrow and will present their final projects at the end of July on their concrete solutions to improve social and urban life in Paris.

The 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations, provide the general framework for the Summer School, setting the priority issues and the most urgent global challenges.

This year, the main themes of the Summer School "The Biopolis" are health and employment. These projects seek to enhance both the city's infrastructure and the socio-intellectual capital of its residents.

The notion of collective contribution to improve a living environment corresponds to the evolution of a population, such as bacteria in a colony, cells of a tissue, or the animals in an ecosystem.

The city can be compared to a living system where the students build biological metaphors to help develop their projects. They explore the links between biology, engineering, design and social sciences with the aim of developing concrete and innovative solutions to the major challenges facing the city of Paris. The goal ? Put more than 3 billion years of biological evolution toward the benefit of innovative projects.

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