Portrait of a student enrolled in the Master in Public Policy

Portrait of a student enrolled in the Master in Public Policy

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Camille de Bellescize, student at the School of Public Affairs, in the Master in Public Policy, Administration publique policy stream, tells us about her journey before and during her studies at Sciences Po.

What background did you have before joining the School of Public Affairs?

I joined the Law-Economy-Management department at École Normale Supérieure in Rennes (ENS) in 2015, after a D1 preparatory course. Since ENS works with the University, I had the chance to go to Germany with the Erasmus program (Viadrina Universität) during my Master 1 in European Law. I joined the Administration publique policy stream of the Master in Public Policy after a gap year. During this break, I worked for six months for the Press and Communication office of the French Embassy in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and then five months for an association, the CSR Observatory (Orse), which accompanies CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) strategies in organisations.

Why did you decide to join the Administration Publique policy stream?

These two internships were decisive in my career path. Indeed, they confirmed my desire to become a diplomat and to hold management and supervisory positions in the civil service. Following my studies at ENS, the Administration publique policy stream of the Master in Public Policy seemed to be the best preparation for it: a wide range of courses taught by professionals, already oriented towards competitive exams preparation.

What particular course has left its mark during your M1?

Among many others, Frédéric Ramel's Philosophy of International Relations. This course was demanding and precise, and allowed me to discover authors in a very contextualized way, with an in-depth reflection that really captivated me. I particularly appreciated the fact that the exam modalities differed from the traditional dissertation, since it was an inventive writing, more adapted to the spirit of the course.

Why did you choose to take a gap year? How did you choose your internships? What do you retain from them?

I was lucky to take a multidisciplinary training course, that offered many opportunities. My various internships and student jobs have been essential to my personal development as well as the definition of my professional project. I have always seized the opportunities that were offered te me in order to discover various professions and stakeholders (High court, law firm, Public Affairs department for a French group, safety-security consulting).

My internships at the Embassy and the CSR Observatory met two objectives, which were more than fulfilled. On the one hand, I wanted to discover the professional environment I seeked to join later (Embassy and diplomacy). On the other hand, I wanted to familiarise myself with the major human resources issues involved in any managerial function (gender equality, diversity, employee commitment, appropriation of digital technology).

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