Get involved with the third edition of the simulation "Richelieu 3.0 - maritime strategy"

Get involved with the third edition of the simulation "Richelieu 3.0 - maritime strategy"

September, 19th 2018
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Resembling more than 50 students and three institutions - Sciences Po School of Public Affairs, HEC, Mines ParisTech – this year’s challenge was to create a "Station M", a fictional incubator in Marseille using new technologies to address the challenges of the protection of the common goods in the Mediterranean Sea, turning France into a "maritime start-up nation". According to the simulation model developed by the FORCCAST project, this scenario involves confronting political, socio-economic and scientific controversies around the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development.

After a preparatory conference the day before, all through the day, the students were projected into a series of situations originating from the roles they were incarnating, for instance as politicians, high civil servants, large firms, SMEs and start-ups, associations, Mediterranean actors, etc.


At the end of the day, students were able to present the results of their negotiations to a jury composed of François Baroin, former Minister, Philippe Louis-Dreyfus, President of the Louis-Dreyfus Armateurs group and Fabrice Le Saché, vice-president and spokesperson of the MEDEF.

This simulation is part of the development of the Policy Lab activities of the School of Public Affairs. It also encourages us to reflect on this reflection given to the Cardinal and French Statesman Richelieu: “The tears of our sovereigns have the salted taste of the sea that they ignored.


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