Congratulations to the IPLI scholars

Congratulations to the IPLI scholars

  • S. Cordonnier, L.Collin, T.Reno, C.Fourmaux, S. de Courcelles ©SciencesPoS. Cordonnier, L.Collin, T.Reno, C.Fourmaux, S. de Courcelles ©SciencesPo

On the 28 November 2016, Sciences Po's School of Public Affairs, in cooperation with the IPLI Foundation, were pleased to award IPLI Foundation scholarships to two students, Lucille Collin (Master in European Affairs) and Charles Fourmaux (Master in Public Policy). IPLI Foundation is directed by Mr. Timothy Reno, alumnus of Sciences Po's Master of Public Affairs program (2010).

The possibility for the School of Public Affairs to provide its students with financial support is crucial and we are very grateful for IPLI Foundation’s support. 

Ms. Collin and Mr. Fourmaux were awarded IPLI Foundation scholarships following their participation in a policy essay competition on the consequences of the Brexit in which they were selected as winners. 

The two laureates shared their thoughts with us following the small ceremony:  

What are your primary concerns in the ongoing EU policy discussions surrounding the issue of BREXIT?

CF: On the one hand, the Brexit vote has triggered a major crisis in British domestic politics which I personally find worrying as someone who has lived and loved this country.

On the other hand, I find very concerning the fact that EU institutions and member-states have yet failed to react accordingly to this major threat upon the European unification process. It is more than time for the EU to reconcile itself with its people, by implementing fairer social policies across member-states and by renewing with a positive and engaging narrative on why we are definitely better together.

LC: The Brexit vote is just the latest manifestation of a wider distrust in the European project. In the face of rising euroscepticism across the continent, institutional reforms are urgently needed to address the perceived lack of democracy and accountability in EU decision-making.

In what ways do you believe that Sciences Po's School of Public Affairs is helping to prepare you for your future professional career?

CF: I believe the School of Public Affairs provides the tools enabling us to make a difference throughout our professional career. Here we get a thorough understanding of how things work and why some of them don’t work and how we can change that for the better. This empowering perspective was key to my coming back to Sciences Po.

LC: Studying at Sciences Po’s School of Public Affairs has allowed me to gain strong quantitative skills, while embracing a multidisciplinary approach to today’s complex challenges. Being able to navigate through both regulatory law and econometrics will definitely be an advantage when it comes to a career in European public policy.


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