China's Peacekeeping Operations : motivations patterns and outcomes

China's Peacekeeping Operations : motivations patterns and outcomes

April 5th, 2017 - 2:45 PM - Caquot Auditorium
  • Fanglu Sun ©Fudan UniversityFanglu Sun ©Fudan University

As a part of RCE (Rencontres européennes de Sciences Po / Sciences Po European Meetings)

A conference by Fanglu Sun, Assistant Professor, School of International Relations & Public Affairs (SIRPA), Fudan University, China.

This project intends to address a key question regarding China’s participation in UN peacekeeping operations (UNPKO): how have China’s activities to provide security for the region interacted with its economic interests? 

Going beyond the intuition or anecdotes that economic interests are the primary drivers of China’s peacekeeping activities, Fanglu Sun intends to combine case study with statistical analysis to tease out  the direct and indirect linkage between China's eonomic interests overseas and its involvement in UNPKO.

The project is funded by United States Institute of Peace.

Fanglu Sun received a Ph.D. in political science in 2016 from Rice University. Currently, she is an assistant professor at the School of International Relations and Public Policy, Fudan University, China.

She specializes in ethnic/civil conflict and the reosolutions. Her research has been funded by NSF, USIP, and Fudan University.

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