Case Studies

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4 July, 2018

What are case studies?

Case-based teaching is an active pedagogy that aims at placing students at the heart of complex situations. It crosses disciplinary approaches with a main challenge: enabling them to understand the various stages and aspects of a case in the public sphere (a reform, the merger of two institutions, the implementation of a project etc.). The class will work together to find practical solutions to the problems raised by the case, and active participation by the students will bring out a variety of perspectives and responses. With this retrospective analysis, students will be able to understand but also to evaluate the process of decision or the process of implementation in various sectors (public administration, digital, culture, energy, social innovation ...).

Therefore, cases put students in the position of actual decision makers and confront them with real situations that they may face in their work.

This module is mandatory for all students in their second year of Master in Public Policy at the School of Public Affairs (4 credits ECTS) in the fall semester (S3). The sessions with the teacher usually take place every two weeks (12h / semester) and students are asked to work on their own between each session.

List of case studies offered in 2019-2020 (only on semester 3).

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