COP21 Make It Work

COP21 Make It Work

An innovative pedagogical project
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In May 2015, some 200 students from 143 universities across the world took part in an ambitious experiment to role-play and reinvent a life-size COP, addressing climate change as part of the Make It Work simulation.

In the "Theatre of Negotiations" at Nanterre-Amandiers outside Paris, youth delegations joined State representatives to reach a consensus following a complex negotiation process. This innovative pedagogical project, promoted by Sciences Po and led by Bruno Latour, Laurence Tubiana and Frédérique Aït Touati, resulted in a valuable blueprint for future multilateral talks.

This project, which included several students from the School of Public Affairs, is the subject of a documentary film which will be released to the public in January, following the COP21 negotiations.

This innovative approach exemplifies the School's pedagogical project, which is based on a plurality of learning formats and implementing frameworks, including case studies, simulations, field work, and digital platforms to rethink public policy analysis.


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