Award ceremony

Award ceremony

Sciences Po European Heritage Prize
  • Mostar Bridge in BosniaMostar Bridge in Bosnia

What can the city of Schengen, Spanish Poet Federico Garcia Lorca’s sepulture, and the Mostar bridge in Bosnia have in common? Those three sites have been elected has symbols of the European reconciliation, and were among the eight finalists for Sciences Po’s award for European heritage.

Organised by the School of Public Affairs’ “Culture” policy stream, this award offers students to imagine and defend a cultural project before a jury of 11 professionals coming from the cultural sector (Laurence Bertrand Dorléac, Jérôme Clément, David Kessler, Dominique de Font-Réaulx, Laurence Engel, Grazia Quaroni, Nasrine Séraji, Olivier de Rohan Chabot, Guillaume Pfister, Luc Bouniol-Laffont et Lionel Bonneval).

The final was held on the 28th of April. Dedicated to the idea of reconciliation, the 2015 edition rewarded a project dedicated to the barbed wire fields between Austria and Hungary, where the first east-west border crossings occurred in 1989. The team was composed as follows:

  • Presentation folder : Manon Grossard, Johanna Di Vita, Alice Archimbaud
  • Oral Presentation: Clara Colucci Debate: Nora Meyer, Adrien Cools
  • Communication: Fannie Germain, Julie Geffrin-Pottier
  • Coordination: Mélaine Ricard-Beaulieu

The public prize was awarded to a group which chose the Mostar Bridge in Bosnia.

  • Presentation folder: Célia Thirouard, Floriane Schroetter, Mathilde Brault
  • Oral Presentation: Anjely Rais
  • Debate: Astrid Chevreuil, Thomas Scaramuzza
  • Communication: Camille Frasca
  • Coordination: Ninon Maquet

This award embodies Sciences Po’s intellectual ambition as it requires students to illustrate a social science concept (the idea of reconciliation this year) while offering a hands-on experience with the development of a cultural project, in line with what they will be required to do in their professional lives, says Florent Parmentier, in charge of the « Culture » policy stream.

Congratulations to all the participants!

For more information, watch the event's video (in French).

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