Portrait of Nathan Cazeneuve

Portrait of Nathan Cazeneuve

Student of the Master in Public Policy, Administration publique policy stream
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Nathan Cazeneuve, student of the Master in Public Policy, Administration publique policy stream at the School of Public Affairs (EAP), tells us about his journey before and during his studies at Sciences Po.

Why did you decide to join the Administration Publique policy stream of the Master in Public Policy?

I was lucky enough to be able to follow three years of literary preparatory classes and to study philosophy at École Normale Supérieure before joining EAP at Sciences Po. My choice to apply there was motivated by a keen interest in public policy issues and the desire to approach them from a technical perspective, which I thought would be a useful and a necessary complement to the approach I had had through history and philosophy.   

What is your professional project? How does EAP help you achieve it?

At the end of the Master in Public Policy, I intend to prepare a thesis in political philosophy on the links between the social state and the theories of justice. The Master in Public Policy at Sciences Po has clearly contributed to clarifying my desire to engage in research and has enabled me to acquire knowledge in law and economics that has greatly enriched my approach to public policy issues and that I am sure will serve me well in the future.

What was your most memorable course in M1/M2?

The course that most marked me during my Master's studies was « Questions sociales » ("Social Issues") which detailed, by mixing elements of labour law, economics and administrative science, the organisation of all the social policies implemented in France, from employment policies to social security. The precise, technical and operational approach to these questions in this course enables us to take the measure of both the stakes and the concrete evolutions that social policies are facing today.

This course constitutes, together with those in Public Law, Economics and Public Finance, the foundation of the teaching of the Master in Public Policy and, in my opinion, its most enriching part, both from an intellectual and professional point of view. 

Why did you choose to take a gap year? 

I chose to take a gap year in order to prepare for the agrégation in Philosophy, having had the opportunity to do a particularly enriching internship in the Political Chancellery of the French Embassy in China.

Any advice for those who would like to join EAP?

If I were to give a piece of advice to those who would like to join the School of Public Affairs, it would be to concentrate during their studies on the fundamentals of law and economics and to take advantage of the freedom and diversity of courses offered by Sciences Po to deepen their knowledge of these subjects, but also to try to put them into perspective - both with other disciplines and with their professional experiences or the state of public debate - by never ceasing to question themselves and to open up their horizons.

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