Master in Arts and Politics

What is the Master in Arts and Politics?

The Master in Arts and Politics is a one-year, full-time master's degree for mid-career professionals with at least four years of experience. It is taught in French. Find out more about this program on the Master en arts politiques French page

This programme brings together architects, designers, academics, public servants, managers, researchers, administrators, activists and curators who wish to enhance their skills, develop inventive tools and give a new momentum to their career. 

This multidisciplinary programme is driven by key notions of experimentation, inquiry and innovation that explore the points of articulation and connection between scientific, artistic, and political fields. Young professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds will confront concrete societal and political issues through a range of classes and pedagogical formats that combine scientific and artistic methods.

The programme's conceptual framework is based on the fields of social sciences and humanities (including philosophy, sociology, history and science). The programme combines theoretical teaching with pragmatic tools and concepts, through group work and workshops that are comprised of exercises in which participants co-develop and test practical solutions to real-world issues. 

The Sciences Po Medialab, a leading-edge research hub, offers participants access to a variety of professionalizing tools, including controversy mapping, visual network analysis and design methods. This digital toolkit is used to explore and analyse social science methods and political arts questions, allowing participants to share their knowledge and skills, and also incorporate the use of films, performances, and digital media.  

Students will also benefit from the core curriculum of the School of Public Affairs. According to their professional trajectory and objectives, students can choose to develop skills in project management within the scope of public policy and the various policy streams offered within the School. Graduates can therefore take the programme as an opportunity to consider new career options as managers in cultural bodies and other major public domains. 


  • one core course, 4 h per week: « Performances and Political Arts » (Jean-Michel Frodon and Frédérique Aït-Touati)
  • one workshop, 4 h per week (practical exercises, commissions)
  • one common core curriculum course
  • three elective courses to choose among the courses of the School of Public Affairs, according to the professional objectives of the student
  • three intensive weeks to develop practical skills and methods.
  • The structure of the program is compatible with a part-time professional activity.



Fifteen to twenty students are selected each year, upon examination of the application materials (presentation of work related to the admission theme) and secondly upon an oral interview. The final decision is pronouned by the one year master jury.

Application materials

Set theme for 2022: "Figures de la Terre : dessins/desseins pour habiter la zone critique". Your response to the proposed exercise can be made in the artistic medium or discipline of your choice. 

Application must be submitted via the online admissions' platform.

Tuition and Financial Aid

Tuition for the entire programme is set at 15 020 €.

Sciences Po awards scholarships to a select number of students, in the form of tuition reduction. These tuition reductions range from 10% to over 50%. In order to apply, admitted applicants receive de dedicated form upon admission.

Find information on other sources of financial aid on the bursaries and financial aid page. 


For any enquiries regarding the programme, please send us an email.

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