[INTERVIEW] How to implement digital sovereignty? By Samuele Fratini
11 June 2024

[POLICY BRIEF] Monetary sovereignty in a digital world, by Jean-Pierre Landau and Sarah Nicole

This policy brief explores the challenges to monetary sovereignty in the digital age, addressing the risks posed by digitalization and tokenization of money, their implications for currency uniformity and stability, and their impacts on the international monetary system. It also examines sovereignty’s various dimensions, including the influence of digital platforms and networks, privacy concerns, and the nexus of money, payments, and data. Finally, it evaluates policy options, with a focus on stablecoins and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

Jean-Pierre Landau is Associate Professor at Sciences Po (Department of Economics) and a former Treasury and Central Bank Official.

Sarah Nicole is an expert in emerging technologies specializing in policy and technical governance. She has significant experience with leading tech companies in Europe and has published extensively on the geopolitical impact of quantum computing and immersive environments. As a Senior Policy & Research Associate at Project Liberty Institute, Sarah develops technical and academic governance frameworks and leads international advocacy efforts. Her diverse international experience spans Paris, Washington D.C., Brussels, Geneva, and Shanghai, backed by a Master’s from Sciences Po in European Affairs, Digital New Technologies, and Public Policy.