[REPLAY] A look back at the Annual Conference 2023: The EU-US Data Privacy Framework
12 February 2024
[INTERVIEW] “The EU-US Data Privacy Framework, with Bruno Gencarelli
21 February 2024

[INTERVIEW] “The Trade Origins of Privacy Law” with Anupam Chander

On December 13th 2023, Sciences Po’s Chair Digital, Governance and Sovereignty held its annual Conference on: “The EU-US Data Privacy Framework: what future for transatlantic data transfers?” directly from the French Parliament in Paris.

This series of interviews was conducted by Can Şimşek, as part of the 2023 annual conference.

Following the publication of his research paper entitled “The Trade Origins of Privacy Law“, Professor Anupam Chander presents some key takeaways of his reflections. Notably, he emphasizes that the dynamics of international trade play a pivotal role in shaping and propagating privacy norms, highlighting how the European Union’s privacy laws are intricately interwoven with this overarching concept.

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Anupam Chander is the Scott K Ginsburg Professor of Law at Georgetown University Law Center.The author of The Electronic Silk Road (Yale University Press), he is an expert on the global regulation of new technologies. His scholarship has appeared in the Yale Law Journal, the California Law Review, and the American Journal of International Law, among other legal publications, and his research has been featured in news stories by Business Insider, CNN, NPR, and Forbes.