Chile in the Wake of COVID-19: Adjustments to the Financing Strategy and Commitment to Climate Action
22 March 2021

Webinar – A World of Public Debt

The history of public finance and sovereign debt has a lot to teach us. Contemporary issues related to fiscal policy, deficit financing, debt crises and their resolutions have historical precedents, which offer valuable lessons in the context of today’s policy challenges. The event will focus on such historical instances as recorded in the recently released book “A World of Public Debt”, co-edited by Nicolas Barreyre and Nicolas Delalande. The panel discussion will center on the book’s main argument, namely, that issues related to sovereign debt, whether domestic or international, are always inherently political.  

The webinar will take place Thursday 22 April 2021 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm CET

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Stéphane Guibaud
Associate Professor in the Department of Economics at Sciences Po and holder of the Sciences Po Chair in Sovereign Debt

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Pamfili Antipa
Associated Professor, Sciences Po
Research Economist, Banque de France

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Nicolas Barreyre
Senior Lecturer at EHESS

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Nicolas Delalande
Associate Professor at Sciences Po Centre d’Histoire

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Eric Monnet
Professor at PSE & Director of Studies at EHESS

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