PSIA Platform for Social Innovation

Social Innovation at Sciences Po's Paris School of International Affairs

Over the past years, Sciences Po and in particular PSIA has adapted its curriculum to provide opportunities for students to learn about social innovation and prepare themselves for potential careers linked to this booming sector. Since 2012, PSIA has offered several courses, open to all students, with the perspective of training over 200 students annually. This dedicated curriculum across all Master's programs at PSIA provides both theoretical and historical foundations, but also the development of professional skills through strategic group projects led by key actors in the field of social innovation and business in France. 

Building on these academic initiatives, PSIA also boasts a platform dedicated to social innovation, with the support of two founding partners MAIF and Casdendesigned to encourage, nurture and disseminate the very many related student and school-led initiatives. 

PSIA's Platform for Social Innovation

The main pillars of PSIA's Platform for Social Innovation are:

1. Outstanding dedicated curriculum 

2. A sponsored visiting professorship beginning in the Spring of 2017.

3. Academic Innovations: a selection of high-level annual student team projects with key actors in social innovation. Stay tuned for 2016-2017 project proposals mandated by our partners. For information, past examples of relevant Team Projects are:

4. The "Social Innovation" paper award for outstanding student work in the field of social innovation.

All of this is supported by our close partnernships with social innovation stakeholders, and particularly with the Platform's two founding partners, Casden and MAIF

Scientific coordination

The scientific advisors for PSIA's Platform for Social Innovation are Amandine Barthélémy and Romain Slitine.

Amandine Barthélémy is a graduate from Sciences Po and ESSEC. A specialist on social innvoation and with particular expertise on the creation and development of high-impact social businesses, she has been teaching at PSIA since 2012 and is an associate expert at ESSEC.
Amandine co-founded Odyssem, a collective of entrepreneurs and economists whose focus is on the development of local initiatives and of social innovation partnernships between public, private and social actors. Amandine works also with Ashoka fellows and is an administrator for the "Mouvement des Entrepreneurs sociaux". She is the co-author of several books.

Romain Slitine is a graduate from Sciences Po and ESSEC, an Entrepreneur and Economist, associate expert at ESSEC and teaching at PSIA since 2012.
Romain is the co-founer of Odyssem, and works directly with social businesses on their strategic planning and particularly towards their change of scale. Romain also advises local authorities on the development and implementation of ambitious public policy with regards to social innovation and business. He is the co-author of several books.

Student testimonials

Emma Ghariani, Master in International Development at PSIA, Class of 2015

"Students at PSIA have the opportunity to take a wide range of courses touching upon social entrepreneurship, social innovation and social impact. Courses are delivered by passionate practioners, recognized in their field. Professors are dedicated to helping students understand and progress. 

I just have been hired as a social impact management consultant. This wouldn’t have been possible without the people I got to know at PSIA, both professors and students and the great training I received. PSIA enables you to build projects you will be proud of. It is the best path one can take to engage in this new promising economy that is developing, and to make a difference."

Zoé Moulin, Master in International Development at PSIA, Class of 2016:

"My first year at PSIA was very rewarding, both personally and academically.  

PSIA is a multicultural place, where I met and built long lasting friendships with people from all over the world, with very different backgrounds and experience. The class on social entrepreneurship that I took in the second semester was for me a revelation, and I decided to take a gap year to gain experience in this field.

After working in diverse social businesses and doing world trip to cover stories of social entrepreneurs around the world, I am now planning a career in social entrepreneurship, and this is definitely thanks to PSIA, where my mind was opened to new and innovative way of taking action!"

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