Youth&Leaders Student Simulation: Apply now!

Fri, 2020-01-17 09:00 - 18:00

PSIA students are invited to participate in one of three panels as part of a Youth & Leaders Summit Student Simulation, apply now!


PSIA students are invited to apply to participate in one of three panels as part of a Youth & Leaders Summit Student Simulation that will take place a few days before the actual Summit. YLS 2020 will will focus on the following theme:

“Prospering in a Climate-impacted Society”

Both to increase the Youth voice on this crucial topic and to enhance dialogue with the Leaders, PSIA is organising student panels on three core issues relating to the Summit’s theme:

  • Advanding Economic and Environmental well-being for all, not just the few, in the now and in future.
  • Climate activism 2.0 for lasting change.
  • Implementing innovations of technology, financing and partnerships to mitigate and adapt to a climate impacted world.


The Simulation will replicate the panel sessions of the YLS 2020.  Selected students will have five minutes each to present their research on one of the three core issues above.  A Q&A session with the audience will follow. The key findings of each Student panel will be fed into the corresponding Leaders’ panel at the Summit. Moreover, Student panelists will get to ask a question directly to the Leaders.

In the months ahead, all selected students will receive some training about how to conduct research for this type of exercise. The training is designed so that the skills and knowledge gained in preparation for the Simulation exercise can also be useful for other assessments as part of any PSIA Master’s requirements, e.g. for a written paper, Master’s thesis and/or Grand Oral.

Call for expression of interest 

Students are asked to submit their CV and an Expression of Interest pitching some key points/ areas which they feel would enhance one of the three panel discussions.

Phase 1

Any student who submits a serious expression of interest will be selected for the first phase and will be invited to attend one of two 1-hour preparation sessions. The session will be led by Professor Riva Kastoryano, who will provide guidance on how to research and prepare for one of the student panels.

To close the first phase, students will produce a one-page executive summary of the key points they would contribute to their selected panel. Those students whose executive summaries would, in combination, potentially make for the most stimulating and diverse panel will be selected to take part in the second phase.

 Phase 2

In the second phase, selected students will:

  • further explore the issues and receive coaching from Professor Kastoryano and expert advice from Professor Shiv Someshwar;
  • prepare to participate in one of the student panels to take place a few days before the Summit in front of PSIA community;
  • have the chance to meet and discuss their chosen topic with the Leaders at YLS 2020


In the first phase, students must be available for one of two 1-hour preparation sessions (date TBC). They must also be prepared to conduct some self-directed research and to prepare a one-page executive summary should they wish to be considered for Phase 2.

In the second phase, selected students must commit to undertaking a reasonable amount of time for further self-directed research and preparation of a 5-minute oral presentation. They must also be available for a 2-hour preparation session (in December).  Additional tutorials (individual or in groups) may be organized depending on student needs and readiness.

The Youth & Leaders Summit will take place on Monday 20 January 2020. The YLS Student Simulation will take place on Friday 17 January 2020.

Application process 

Please apply via this online application form by Sunday 6 October 2019, at 23:59 pm, Paris time.  As part of the application, you will need to upload a CV and an expression of interest (maximum 200 words).

Your expression of interest should highlight:

  • your interest in one of the three core issues (listed above) in relation to the overarching YLS theme: “Prospering in a Climate-impacted Society”.
  • your motivation to be a panelist

Please note: you don’t have to be an expert to apply, but we would like to know what aspect(s) of your chosen core question you plan to research and how this will contribute to the wider debate.

Selection procedure 

Eligibility: This opportunity is available to any student currently enrolled on a PSIA degree (including dual degrees).

Selection criteria: Students will be selected based on their statement of motivation and interest in their chosen panel topic. Remember, we are looking for stimulating panelists. We encourage you to offer diverse points of view, rather than to repeat an already well established view.

Next Calls for application 

An additional Call for application will open in few weeks for the following student jobs: greeter, personal escort, editorial assistant.   Please note there is no conflict between these roles and the opportunity described above.

Contact Information 

For queries please email:

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