Patillet Cecile

Master: International Security

Concentrations: Human Rights, Humanitarian Action, Asia

The place(s) I call home

London and Paris

Prior to PSIA I was

After obtaining my French Baccalaureate from an international school near Paris, I decided to study abroad and attended the London School of Economics to read Law, with particular emphasis on Public International Law and International Human Rights Law. While at university, I was an active member of student societies and volunteered to tutor French in secondary schools. I also participated in a leadership program under the mentorship of a UK member of parliament (the Undergraduate Parliamentors program). From a professional perspective, I interned in the European Division of the British Government Legal Services in July 2009, along with various other internships in law firms.

My life at PSIA

I knew from the start that I wanted to specialize in the promotion and protection of human rights in zones of conflict and this Master has only reinforced my conviction. With a major in International Security and a minor in Human Rights, it offered me the possibility to study both topics and get a comprehensive grasp of underlying issues and challenges. The possibility to explore the emerging synergy between the two, especially since 9/11, was one of many aspects of the course that appealed to me. It is often overlooked despite the impact security concerns can have over fundamental rights and the repercussions human rights violations can have over international security. The teaching body, composed of world renowned academics and practitioners in these fields of study also influenced my decision to study at Science Po. Studies at the PSIA require you to develop, acquire and excel in broad ranging skills including public speaking, the capacity to work in a team and act as a leader in its presentations and team projects. This valuable set of skills forms a lifetime gain that will always provide itself useful whatever career path you choose. Also, the possibility to do an internship was a great opportunity. Without Science Po’s support I would not have been able to intern with the United Nations in Geneva, an experience that has greatly enhanced my personal and professional development and given me a strong base from which to pursue my career goals.

My objectives

In the immediate future, I would like to gain field experience in to complement my academics with practical exposure, before qualifying as a human rights lawyer in the UK. From there I hope to move on to international organizations or global NGOs, where I would be able to make the most of my legal skills and experience in human rights and security issues. My academic interests include international human rights law, international criminal law, international security and conflict resolution, 20th century world history and the impact and legacies of historical events to current global affairs.

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