Mishra Ankit

Master: International Economic Policy

Concentrations: International Energy

The place(s) I call home

Quite a hard question! London ! Ooty (India) ! Toronto!

Prior to PSIA I was

I studied mathematics at York University in Toronto. During the summer of 2010, I worked for the Green Party of Ontario as an Economic Policy Intern. In my final year at York University, I was an undergraduate tutor for three courses; Mathematics of Finance, Calculus and Statistics.

My life at PSIA

I think working on class projects with a very diverse group of people has been very pleasing. I have definitely learnt a lot by engaging into group projects and listening to different points of view. Also, I have had the chance to attend conferences and debates on current affaires that are organized my PSIA on a regular basis. These have allowed me to learn and understand the key issues that we face today such as the European Debt Crisis.

My objectives

My career objective to work for the Canadian Foreign Service or the Ministry of Finance in Canada. The variety of courses at PSIA allow me to take relevant courses that fit with my career goal. In addition, I am able to take French as my language which is huge plus given its the official language of Canada and this prepares me well for the federal government jobs in Canada. Having lived in three different countries before coming to Paris, I am naturally interested in International Relations and Economics. But growing up in India has created an interest in Emerging Markets and the role western countries can play that benefits both parties in the future.

My best tips

To meet as many people as possible and to take interest in my course. Alongside, I think it’s important to attend the seminars and conferences that are organized weekly at Sciences Po because they deal with many of issues in economics and politics that are faced today. These are excellent inputs given by experts in their field of study that I have been able use in my studies.

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