Marie Rossetti

Master: Environmental Policy

Concentrations: African Studies, Project Management

The place(s) I call home

Home is everywhere I’ve been so far, starting from growing up between two countries and cultures (France and Germany).

Prior to PSIA I was

A student at the French-German campus of Sciences Po Paris in Nancy.

My life at PSIA

I chose the Master of Environmental Policy because it combined both, the international dimension I wanted for my graduate studies and a strong academic focus on environmental and climatic issues.
What has been your most meaningful/fulfilling experience at PSIA (ex: gap years, internships, team projects etc.)?
Undoubtedly the gap year after my undergraduate. It was a determining experience and pivotal moment in my studies: having worked for six months with an international NGO in Central America and another five months in the South Pacific for the German Development Agency (GIZ), I realized that I wanted to work at the nexus of international development and climate change. These living and professional experiences abroad also tremendously enriched my ensuing academic work, notably my master thesis as well as the contributions I was able to make in the classes I took.

My objectives

In a couple of weeks I will start working with the GIZ as a Junior Advisor for climate policy and finance in Bangkok. My role will be to support two GIZ projects that aim at strengthening Thailand’s climate goals and policies, both at the national and international level. For a first job, I couldn’t have asked for more- I can’t wait to start!

My best tips

My key to success at PSIA Choosing classes I had a real interest in and being committed to everything I did, inside and outside PSIA. Every experience is an asset and can turn out as a great opportunity!

My life outside PSIA

I had to “learn” living in and loving Paris, because despite its stunning beauty, it can be a very crowded and stressful place. Yet, the city is changing a lot and what I enjoyed most during my time there was taking my bike to uni everyday and discovering hidden and alternative places (gardens, cafés, art exhibits, etc.) that are popping up a bit everywhere.

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