International Public Management - Semester 1


Maquette pédagogique 2018-2019

Sciences Po Common Core Curriculum

Students must take one course from "Formation commune de Sciences Po" in Semester 1 and one in Semester 2. Please select 1 course - 24 hours


Students must take one skills course, either in Semester 1 or in Semester 2. Students may choose the language of instruction.
Please note that students may obtain a waiver for the skills course upon presentation of the appropriate justifications (transcripts, syllabi and letter of motivation) before course registration to their academic advisor who makes the final decision. As a consequence, students will attempt 4 fewer credits overall during their program. Students who have been granted a waiver for the Skills course must take and validate an additional course in the "Special features" curriculum in order to attempt and get 4 additional credits. Students have to make sure, as well, that they attain the minimum of 30 ECTS (validated) per semester. Please select 1 course - 24 hours.

  • Skills, Hours / semester: 24, ECTS: 4

Core curriculum

For your information, courses indicated as « lecture » are those open to more than 32 students. Innovative courses : please note that courses with the *** sign are those showcasing innovative pedagogical formats. Please select 3 courses: one in each category - 72 hours

International Policy Analysis

Please select one course

International Political Economy

Please select one course

Management and Leadership

Please select one course

Concentration courses

Students must choose 2 concentrations which they will follow for the duration of their studies at PSIA. Each semester, students take 2 courses: 1 in each concentration. A concentration in Regional Studies is recommended for all students. Please select 2 courses - 48 hours


Please select 1 course - 24 hours

Special features (optional)

For students who opt to take a special feature, please select one only

Presemester French Language Program (optional)

All international PSIA students may register for the week long French as a Foreign Language Program in the last week of August, on a first-come, first-served basis.

Total required ECTS : 30 to 34

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