Edgar Cizero Ntasano

Master: International Economic Policy


Prior to PSIA I was

Working and studying at the University of Pretoria (Pretoria, South Africa)

My life at PSIA

I chose my master program becauseI strongly believe that altering Africa's position in the world economy is imperative to its overall progress and development.

My most inspiring class so far has beenInternational Trade – mainly because of my specific interests in subject with regards to my personal beliefs and ambitions. Thierry Mayer’s classes have been impressive in particular. I would have to mention Professor O’Rourke (for his course on History of Globalization) as well.

What makes PSIA truly uniqueis the eclectic nature of its members – people from all sorts of backgrounds. Also, the range of distinguished lecturers and speakers it attracts which adds great value to the experience.

My objectives

My academic ambitions, research interests, and intended purposes and objectives with regards to undertaking graduate studies in International Political Economy/International Economic Policy all converge towards the ultimate goal of contributing to Africa’s development.

My life outside PSIA

I am avid football enthusiast, and so I play and watch the game ‘seriously’. I also go to the gym for some physical fitness exercises regularly. When not trying to find solutions to the world’s problems or following my passion for sports and exercise, I like to enjoy an active social life, particularly because there is a very interesting and diverse set of people at PSIA. To be sure, the Paris scene enhances such an experience with its amazing cultural verve. 

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