de Lencquesaing Cecilia

Master: International Public Management


The place(s) I call home


Prior to PSIA I was

an undergraduate at Cornell University. I left Paris after my high school baccalaureate to study comparative literature and international affairs in the United States. In 2010, I spent six months in Russia, first studying in Saint Petersburg, and then working in Moscow.

My life at PSIA

I chose my program because of the possibilities PSIA has to offer to interact with scholars and policy makers in the field of international affairs. I am completing a master in international public management with a regional concentration in Russia and a thematic one in intelligence: PSIA enables me to grasp the implications of these topics through interactions with scholars, contact with other students and relationships with my professors. It gives me the tools to shape my career. My most meaningful experience so far has been the diversity of PSIA’s students from all over the world that has brought class discussion to another level. Each student shares his/her view and uses examples from his country, her experience… It enlarges and refines my perception of the world in all its complexities and nuances.

My objectives

When I applied to PSIA, I was eager to join the French diplomatic corps, as I want to be an actor of our global world. As the months go by, and I learn more about the opportunities available for me through my masters, I am shifting my interest to “new diplomacy:” over the course of this century, globalization has redefined the role of diplomacy. This new diplomacy takes into account the increased role of large multinational companies, International Organizations, NGOs and media. This significantly opens my scope and I must now choose how to become an actor of the global world. Upon starting to learn Russian my sophomore year in college I discovered a passion for Russia. This passion has translated itself through literature during my college year and now through international relations at PSIA. Understanding how the country came to where it is today helps to imagine its future. As a BRICS country, Russia has a world of opportunity available; will it take advantage of it?

My best tips

My key to success at PSIA is to balance my life. The workload at PSIA can be daunting and it is important to diversify my activities and not spend all my time studying! If I spend the day at Sciences Po, I will make sure to balance it out by going out to dinner, or catching a movie with a friend. Paris is the cultural capital of the world, so I take advantage of it!

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