The Future of European Energy Efficiency Policies – Analysis of selected aspects
3 November 2023
Conference: Climate transition in a fractured world: COP28 outcomes and the EU’s path. 13 December
29 November 2023

Workshop: Designing an outline for a new climate mitigation modelling framework.

This workshop aims at debunking what does not work with existing dominant modeling framework and to develop an outline for a new modeling approach that include a wider set of parameters to build momentum and push for alternative methods and models, which allows assessing in an open manner by all users i) the magnitudes of risks in different countries/regions associated with different concentrations of greenhouse gasses and the announced climate neutrality targets as well as ii) how these risks could be distributed across countries and generations considering the known deep uncertainties.

The aim is to i) feed the next IPCC cycle by providing scenarios that reflect better the identified climate risks and their regional and intergenerational impacts and to allow for an open and realistic public debate about climate action, and to ii) identify researchers and institutions in the global South to build collaborations and capacity to empower IPCC focal points. The workshop is organized around three sessions. The first two sessions include a 5 mins presentation from selected experts, followed by a 50 mins group discussion. The last session is a round table discussion based on the conclusions of the previous sessions.

The outputs of the workshop include a policy brief and a peer-reviewed paper.

This invite-only workshop will take place on 23 November at Sciences Po Paris.

See PDF below with the detailed agenda.