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15 November 2022
Transport policy as part of the Covid recovery package
16 November 2022

Report on Climate Action shared with G20 Summit Leaders

Report of the Independent Task Force on Creative Climate Action

The Independent Task Force on Creative Climate Action shared its report with G20 Summit leaders, meeting in Bali on 15-16 November 2022.

This Independent Task Force, comprising 15 distinguished academics, politicians and leaders from business and civil society, was appointed by the (then) PSIA Dean, Enrico Letta, to think through on the ‘how to’ pragmatics, and to formulate guidance on bold climate actions based on principles of equity and mutual interest. It is led by Professor Shiv Someshwar (Sciences Po and Columbia University).

The Independent Task Force has identified a number of time-bound measures and next steps to be considered by G-20 leaders at the Bali Summit in November 2022: the report of the Task Force is an invitation to a deeper dialogue on the issues of enlightened self-interest, its opportunities and its challenges, with the hope of motivating new thinking and significant and effective climate action around the world.”

Discover the report of the Task Force (PDF).

More information on the Task Force members.