10 Years Lecture Series

10 Years Lecture Series

PRESAGE celebrates its 10 years of existence!
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In 2020, Sciences Po's Gender Studies programme, celebrates its 10 years of existence. An exceptional Lecture Series was scheduled to mark this occasion. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, several talks were cancelled and postponed to the next academic year.

January 27, 2020 · Who cares for the children? Gender and Transnational Families.

Talk by Rhacel Salazar Parreñas, Professor of Sociology and Gender Studies at University of Southern California.

Rhacel Parreñas will address the question of how gender constitutes and is constituted in transnational households. It draws from a two year ethnographic study on children raised from a distance in the Philippines by migrant parents across the diaspora. While the talk empirically establishes the continued relegation of housework and childcare to women, including in the household of migrant mothers, it also engages the implications of such a finding to feminist theory. It explains the stalled gender revolution in the formation of transnational households with migrant mothers and establishes the significance of examining gender from a relational and not solely an identity perspective.

Discussion: Hélène Le Bail and Hélène Thiollet, researchers CNRS at Sciences Po's Center for International Studies (CERI).

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February 26, 2020 · Halving it all: How couples around the world create equality at home.

Talk by Francine Deutsch, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Education at Mount Holyoke College.

In her research, social psychologist Francine Deutsch studies the stories of couples around the world whose everyday decisions about sharing the housework and childcare - from who cooks the food, washes the dishes, and helps with homework, to who cuts back on paid work - all add up to a gender revolution. From North and South America to Europe, Asia, and Australia, these couples tell a story of similarity despite vast cultural differences. By rejecting the prescription that men's identities are determined by paid work and women's by motherhood, the couples show that men can put family first and are as capable of nurturing as women, and that women can pursue careers as seriously as their husbands do - bringing profound rewards for men, women, marriage, and children. Working couples with children will discover that equality is possible and exists right now.

Discussion: Marta Dominguez Folgueras, Associate Professor in Sociology at OSC-Sciences Po.

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MAY 19, 2020 · Penser le féminisme

[Event held in French]

Philosophe de la pensée féministe, Geneviève Fraisse s’intéresse à la provenance de l’égalité des sexes : quel moment de l’histoire la rend possible ou impossible ? Colporteuse d’idées, elle veut élaborer les problèmes et découvrir les concepts, construire un champ d’intelligibilité, trouver des repères.

La conférence sera introduite par Hélène Périvier et Françoise Milewski, fondatrices du Programme de recherche et d'enseignement des savoirs sur le genre de Sciences Po.

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