We're hiring a postdoctoral fellow

We're hiring a postdoctoral fellow

Assessing the individual and societal economic consequences of premature widowhood following the Covid-19 pandemic
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The OSC is hiring a Postdoctoral fellow for the project "Assessing the Individual and Societal Economic Consequences of Premature Widowhood following the Covid-19 Pandemic", leading by Zachary Van Winkle (ANR funded).

The project involves different European teams (INED, ENSAE, University of Cologne, Finnish Centre for Pensions and Oxford University) to examine the individual, economic and social consequences of the increase in premature widowhood resulting from deaths linked to the covid-19 pandemic. It aims to expand the knowledge base on widowhood and to enable policy makers to adapt social policies in response to the pandemic.

The person recruited will be expected:
- To work in collaboration with the project leader on the analysis of data from the Survey on Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe, the Permanent Demographic Sample and the tax data (provided by the CASD Secure Data Access Centre),
- To contribute to the production of papers for publication in academic journals or dissemination within international networks.
She/he will be funded to participate in international conferences, will be integrated into the international research team of the project, as well as into the OSC, which will provide a supportive working environment.

Skills required:
- PhD in social sciences, preferably in sociology, demography or economics
- Processing and analysis of quantitative data with Stata and/or R
- Proficiency in scientific English

Starting date: 01/10/2021
Duration: 9 months
Application file must be send by e-mail before 31 July 2021 to Zachary Van Winkle  with a CV and a letter of motivation.

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