Motherhood Penalty, Immigration, and Ethnicity. The Case of France

Motherhood Penalty, Immigration, and Ethnicity. The Case of France

Noa Achouche Sulzer
Séminaire scientifique de l'OSC, 9 novembre 2018
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 Séminaire scientifique de l'OSC 2018-2019

98, rue de l'Université 75007 Paris - salle Georges Lavau

vendredi 9 novembre 2018 de 11h30 à 13h

Noa Achouche Sulzer (Tel Aviv University)

Motherhood Penalty, Immigration, and Ethnicity. The Case of France

Comparing the relative Motherhood penalty of Immigrants from Europe, Maghreb and Sub-Sahara with French native women.

Noa Achouche SulzerTo date, very few researches, have studied the motherhood penalty specifically related to immigration. My research main goals is to test whether there is an interactional effect between immigration status and motherhood status on the labor market integration of immigrant women across different origin countries. Using data from  the Enquête revenus fiscaux et sociaux from 2009 to 2012, (INSEE, 2009-2012), the present study examines the relationship between immigrant status (immigrants vs. natives) and motherhood status (mothers vs. women without children) among different ethnic immigrant groups in France. Specifically, this study focuses on how immigrant status affects the employment and occupational status and income of immigrant mothers and immigrant women without children from four ethno-cultural group compared to French native women: Immigrants from Sub-Saharan Africa (former French colonies and protectorates); immigrants from Maghreb (Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco); and immigrants from European countries (each and every one  in comparison with native French women).
In this Seminar, I will present to you my work in progress and what I have found so far regarding the employment probability and the income of women in the French labor market and how the origin country interacts with motherhood status to create disproportinal disadvantage amongst the immigrant population.

Noa Achouche Sulzer, PhD student, Department of Labor Studies, Faculty of Social science, Tel Aviv University. Visiting during autumn 2018 in the OSC.

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