10 November 2020

The Chair in Sovereign Debt launches a blog

A year ago, the Chair in Sovereign Debt was inaugurated in the presence of former Prime Minister of Greece Aléxis Tsípras and Anne-Laure Kiechel, founder of Global Sovereign Advisory, Chair’s exclusive sponsor. Since then, students from Paris School of International Affairs (PSIA) and other Sciences Po Schools have been given the opportunity to work on case studies related to landmark debt crises and restructurings, learning from world-renowned experts on the subject.

The Chair just launched a blog to actively contribute to the policy debate. It will post regular articles discussing debt levels and structures, the creditor landscape, capital markets, restructurings as well as sustainable finance. As debt is a fundamentally political topic, the first article by Théo Maret discusses the link between sovereign debt and totalitarian regimes, particularly the lack of legal doctrine to reduce their access to capital markets.

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