Premier Campus

Debate in English ©Paul Rentler / Sciences Po

Premier Campus goes further that any other equal opportunity programme in France. Since the summer of 2017, it has helped an annual cohort of 50 students in their last three years of high school to prepare for higher education.

We have a responsibility as a higher education institution to share our experience and expertise in the aim of supporting secondary students’ plans to succeed in higher education, and to counter the well-known mechanisms of inequality.

Frédéric Mion, President of Sciences Po

Preparing high school students for higher education

Premier Campus is designed to help scholarship high school students prepare effectively for the transition to higher education. It aims to familiarise them with new methods of study and structuring thought (analysis, summary, research, academic writing, etc.), and to provide them with cross-disciplinary educational content. The idea is to help them strengthen their academic knowledge and skills, activate their interest, and give them the confidence to opt for the more selective and/or academically demanding subjects.

Raising students’ aspirations and self-confidence

The programme builds students’ cross-cutting and soft skills:

Expanding to other higher education institutions

The Premier Campus programme, supported with research and evaluation from its partner LIEPP, aims to:

At the end of the trial period, a kit will be made available to regional education authorities, higher education institutions and open source teaching teams so that the scheme can be scaled up.

Funding requirement: €400,000 per year

A gift of €2,000 (before tax deduction) funds a year’s support for one high school student with Premier Campus.

We would like to thank the individual donors who support this programme, as well as our corporate sponsors and partners :


Equal Opportunity Programme (EOP)

Our pioneering Equal Opportunity programme was initiated in 2001 to ensure the most talented, deserving students have access to Sciences Po, whatever their social or cultural background.


Sciences Po takes a proactive approach to social inclusion, which translates into a unique tuition fee and financial aid policy. Contributing to a scholarship fund or creating your own scholarship helps deserving students make the most of their potential.